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Migration Solutions

Is your product impacted by a CPU or SBC End-Of-Life?

Unfortunately not all embedded system providers have migration / replacement products available for these popular boards.

VersaLogic is committed to continuing support for all of these standard platforms. Migration products for PC/104, EPIC, and EBX products are noted below. VersaLogic also offers structured product life extension options which can support customers well past the year 2025!

VersaLogic Offers:

  • 5-year warranty
  • 5-year guaranteed availability
  • 5-year life-extension programs

Questions about board replacements?

End-Of-Life Solutions
Manufacturer CPU Family Name CPU Part Numbers Recommended
Intel Menlow XL Z510, Z510P, Z510PT, Z520, Z520PT, Z530, Z530P, Z530PT
Intel Montevina SU9300, P8400, SL9400, SP9300, T9400
Intel Other Products Atom, Celeron, Core and Pentium products
AMD Geode LX600, LX800
AMD Other Products GX500, GX533, T16R, T24L, T40E, T40N, T40R, T44N, T44R, T48N, T52R, T56N
DMP Vortex86 Vortex86, Vortex86DX, Vortex86MX+, Vortex86SX
Other Other CPU types Atlas SOC, Cortex A8, Cortex A9, Eden, i.MX6, Nano, OMAP 3530
All All Products All Manufacturers and all CPUs