Shock and Vibe Testing

Shock and Vibe Testing

What does “rugged” really mean?

“Rugged” is a word that’s easy to throw into any product description. Unfortunately it’s about as meaningful as “heavy duty”. There’s no way to tell what it means.

VersaLogic means business when defining products as rugged. VersaLogic’s engineers don’t make assumptions; they make sure it will stand up to repeated mechanical shock and vibration. They simply shake the heck out of each one during development.


This Is Not a Simulation

In-house shock and vibe equipment allows products to undergo testing, and retesting, at any stage of development. Is that large inductor secured well enough? Is board flex occurring around the processor chip at certain frequencies? These kinds of mechanical risks are essential to identify before a product goes into production and before it gets into the field.

Models and simulations are great tools, but there’s no substitution for powering up a product and hitting it with a 20g shock, or 30 Hz vibration. Standard products are typically tested to MIL-STD-202H. Certifications to other levels are available where needed.

Does the process work? Without any additional prep or testing, VeraLogic’s standard off-the-shelf products have gone into space and been dropped below the earth’s crust. There are numerous testimonials to the ruggedness of VersaLogic products in action.


High Risk Applications

VersaLogic has the expertise to address even extreme applications where standard embedded products cannot survive. Measures like these (and more) are available:

  • Stabilization of taller components
  • Corner staking
  • BGA underfill


It Matters In the Field

VersaLogic’s goal is to do whatever it takes during design and manufacturing to keep products rock-solid and trouble-free in the field. Active shock and vibe testing is an essential part of reaching that goal.

With the kind of design and testing that each product goes through, VersaLogic doesn’t hesitate to use the word “rugged” with its embedded computer products.