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Embedded Processing Units (EPU)

Embedded Processing Units (EPU)

VersaLogic’s EPUS are fully assembled and tested embedded computers. Each product is a two-board set with a CPU, I/O board, and integrated heat plate. The resulting product has a footprint that is about 1/2 the size of equivalent single board designs, and is very mechanically rugged. VersaLogic’s EPU products are based on industry standard form factors with regard to size and mounting-hole locations.

EPU products are designed from the outset to be rugged, reliable, compact, and flexible. They are deployed in defense, aerospace, medical and other markets.

Where there’s a need for rugged high performance embedded computers, VersaLogic delivers.
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Advantages of EPUs

EPUs are drop-in embedded computers that are a fully assembled and tested including CPU, I/O, BIOS, and thermal solution. As off-the-shelf products, they provide a huge head start for system designers. Being based on industry standard sizes and mounting-hole locations makes them even easier to use when upgrading existing designs.

  • Standards-Based
    Mechanical specifications of size and mounting-hole location are based on the well-defined COM Express® or PC/104 standards. This enables easy upgrade of the computing heart of an embedded system.

Common industry standards define size and mounting-hole locations

  • Faster time to market and money
    Unlike COM boards, there is no need to design additional circuity or integrate the COM board with an I/O, BIOS, and thermal solution. VersaLogic has already done the difficult integration of these pieces. There is no need to trouble shoot the combination, deal with finger pointing between vendors, or otherwise spend time getting the various elements to operate with each other Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) availability means that the system development cycle can start now, not a year from now when a custom board has been designed specifically for an application.
  • Extremely compact
    A two- board set reduces footprint to about 1/2 the size of an equivalent single board solution.

Anatomy of an EPU

  • Flexible
    The EPU concept simplifies the making of modifications to meet specific I/O needs. Existing products can be configured by modifying the I/O portion of the product. Or, if greater modifications are required, a fully custom I/O board can be created for an existing board set. With the two-board concept these modification come at lower cost and shorter lead time than other types of solutions.
  • Expandable
    Most VersaLogic EPUs feature mini PCIe or M.2 sockets. This enables a wide range of expansion boards to be added to a system, with almost no size penalty. Examples include additional Ethernet, video, GPIO, and other I/O ports, as well as solid state storage devices.
  • Future Proof
    Designing in a VersaLogic EPU also provides a processor upgrade path. Often a newer CPU board can be paired with an existing I/O board, to significantly upgrade a system. This can provide upgraded performance, memory capacity, or extended product life, without any I/O or cabling changes. For example, VersaLogic’s Owl EPU is a combination of a previous EPU I/O board, and a new generation CPU.

The Owl featuring Intel®’s ”Apollo Lake” CPU uses the same I/O board as the Raven which features the earlier “Bay Trail” CPU

  • Rugged
    VersaLogic’s environmental testing means that EPUs are fully verified to operate in extreme environments including the full industrial operating temperature range of -40 to +85 C and MIL-STD-202 conditions of shock and vibration. The mounting points, connectors used, and small cross section of the PCBs, limit board flex and provide excellent performance in high shock and vibration environments.
  • Reliable
    VersaLogic’s AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified processes ensure that quality and reliability are designed in from the outset. Associated verification testing ensures that EPUs can operate 24/7 with extremely high MTBF numbers.


Credit-card size with plenty of on-board I/O

Credit-card size with plenty of on-board I/O


Credit-card sized system with error-correcting memory (ECC), TPM security, dual- or quad-core Apollo Lake processor, and plenty of on-board I/O.

ECC Memory, TPM 2.0 Security, extensive I/O

ECC Memory, TPM 2.0 Security, extensive I/O


Features error correcting memory (ECC), TPM security, dual- or quad- core Apollo Lake processor, and extensive on-board I/O.

Power Management and Video Processing

Power Management and Video Processing


High performance in a compact 95 x 125 x 37 mm footprint. Featuring the Intel “Skylake” CPU, the EPU-4562 series provides high performance video processing on-board and a TPM 2.0 security.

EPU Configurations

There are a number of EPU family members in a variety of configurations. Most are based on the industry standard COM Express formats including the following sizes:

  • COMe Mini
  • COMe Compact
  • COMe Basic
  • COMe Extended

Others are based on PC/104 dimensions and mounting hole locations. All share the fact that they are fully assembled and tested combinations of CPU with I/O, BIOS, and thermal solution, ready to go right out of the box.

The VersaLogic Advantage

VersaLogic’s EPUs have many advantages. What could make them even better? Every VersaLogic EPU includes:

US-based Support

US-based Support

Having a development challenge with a board or a system? Ship it to VersaLogic’s US factory for unmatched technical support. Have a tough technical question? Connect directly with the US engineers that designed the product!

Long-Term Availability

Long-Term Availability

All VersaLogic EPU products are designed from day one for long-term availability. 10 years is just the starting point for most products. 15-20 years is not unusual. VersaLogic puts an unbelievable effort into maintaining a continuous supply of any product that is being used in on-going production.

Industrial Temperature Operation

Industrial Temperature Operation

Most VersaLogic EPU products are available in true industrial temp (-40° to +85°C) versions. Combine the ruggedness of the PC/104 platform, with carefully engineered and tested industrial temperature products, and you’ll have the advantage when designing for difficult environments.

Shock and Vibe Tested

Shock and Vibe Tested

With in-house shock and vibe equipment, every design is tested and retested to a minimum of MIL-STD-202 for operation under shock and vibration.

Quality and Compliance

Quality and Compliance

VersaLogic’s AS9100 / ISO 9001 certification means that the same outstanding VersaLogic quality and reliability is built into every board shipped. Working with a high-compliance organization simplifies procurement and vendor qualification, and eases compliance headaches over the long haul.

Customized Products

Customized Products

VersaLogic’s US-based engineers are also available to support special applications. From EPU products with minor modifications, to fully custom products, VersaLogic can create special products to fit your application when needed.

VersaLogic delivers state-of-the-art embedded computers built for critical applications that value ruggedness, reliability, and long life. Contact us for more information on EPU products, and whether they are a fit with the requirements of your current project.

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Swift (VL-EPU-5121)

High-performance embedded computer with Xeon processor and ECC memory.

Eagle (VL-EPU-5120)

High-Performance embedded computer with Xeon-E processor

Owl (VL-EPU-4012)

Apollo Lake CPU with error correcting RAM

Harrier (VL-EPU-4011)

Apollo Lake processor with error-correcting RAM

Grizzly (VL-ESU-5070)

8, 12, or 16-core server-class computer for embedded applications

Condor (VL-EPU-4460)

"Skylake" processor with Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Blackbird (VL-EPU-4562)

High-Performance EPU embedded computer with Intel "Skylake" processor

Raven (VL-EPU-3312)

Atom "Bay Trail" based Embedded Processing Unit - Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Osprey (VL-EPU-3311)

Embedded Processing Unit, Atom "Bay Trail" based - Dual Mini PCIe Sockets