Industrial Temperature

Industrial Temperature

Industrial Temperature Rated Embedded Computers

Do you need industrial temperature rating on your embedded computer board? Let’s face it, many systems are located where people live or work. It seems like the commercial temperature range, 0° to 60°C, would be sufficient for these applications.

Unfortunately embedded computers don’t always enjoy the same environment as humans. They are often inside a box with little ventilation, sandwiched between other heat generating devices, or starved for cool or moving air.

The temperature inside typical industrial enclosures is much higher than the surrounding air temperature. The temperature challenge for reliable operation is often much different than it appears.

Excess heat is a killer for electronic components. Products built with common, standard temperature components will often suffer accelerated aging and early failure in higher temperature environments.

To provide embedded systems that stand up to elevated temperatures, VersaLogic takes significant steps to ensure its products meet the full industrial temperature range of -40° to +85°C.


It’s more than choosing the right components

Choosing the right components for -40° to +85°C products is very important, but it’s just the start. VersaLogic also carefully designs its products to ensure component layout and heat transfer paths are optimized to eliminate thermal crosstalk and assure reliability at extreme loads and temperatures.

Testing is the critical last step. VersaLogic performs extensive design validation to ensure that products will start and run reliably at both -40° and +85°C. SBCs are fully stressed in terms of CPU utilization, memory read/write speed, and I/O utilization to ensure that products will meet the needs of the most demanding applications.


Fit for the harshest environments

Does the process work? The results tell the story! VersaLogic’s standard off-the-shelf products have gone into space and been used below the earth’s crust. From tanks in the deserts of the Middle East to roof-top HVAC systems in Phoenix, AZ, to underwater drones mapping the ice in the arctic, VersaLogic delivers highly reliable embedded computers for dependability in extreme environments.

Can your application benefit from improved reliability and longevity? Contact VersaLogic to discuss the operating temperature needs for your application.