Distributors and Partners

Distributors and Sales Representatives

VersaLogic’s products, including single board computers, expansion boards, and accessories, are available for purchase directly from the factory, from our global distribution partner, Digi-Key Corporation, and our network of manufacturer sales representatives.

Digi-Key logo

Digi-Key Corporation

24/7 access to VersaLogic product information and selection tools, as well as inventory levels, pricing, purchasing, and technical support. All products are shipped from Digi-Key’s North American warehouse, enabling delivery within 2 business days to anywhere in the world.
Phone: (800) 344-4539

Rep Technology

Serving Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee
Phone: (678) 355-6782
Email: salesteam@reptechnology.com

Sarsen Technology

Serving the United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1672 511166
Email: info@sarsen.net

Unitronix Pty. Ltd.

Serving Australia
Phone: +61 2 4977 3511
Email: unisales@unitronix.com.au

Partner Program

VersaLogic’s partner program is based on providing our customer with products and services that work well with VersaLogic products. Our long history in industrial computer products has made it possible to develop long-standing relationships with other companies and play a key role in industry organizations. By working with other industry leading companies, we can provide our customers with solid, reliably-built products.

Software Vendors

Wind River

Wind River is a global leader in delivering software for the intelligent edge. The company’s technology has been powering the safest, most secure devices in the world since 1981 and is found in billions of products. Wind River offers a comprehensive portfolio, supported by world-class global professional services and support and a broad partner ecosystem. Wind River software and expertise are accelerating digital transformation of mission-critical intelligent systems that will increasingly demand greater compute capabilities while delivering the highest levels of security, safety, and reliability. To learn more, visit Wind River at www.windriver.com.


QNX is a leading developer of real-time operating system (RTOS) technology. QNX operating systems are used worldwide in critical sytems ranging from medical instrumentation to communications. QNX 4 and QNX 6 (Neutrino) are processor-compatible with VersaLogic’s CPU products.

Chip Level Components

Intel (Embedded Systems Development Group)

Manufacturer of CPUs used in VersaLogic’s CPU products. Intel offers a broad choice of embedded silicon, technologies, components and tools.

AMD (Embedded Systems Division)

Manufacturer of a complete line of low power and high performance embedded x86 CPUs.

DMP Electronics, Inc.

Professional embedded system integration, design and manufacturing.

Embedded Industry Partners

Data Device Corporation

Data Device Corporation (DDC) is the world leader in the design and manufacture of high-reliability data bus, motion control and solid-state power controller products for aerospace and defense vehicles, and industrial applications.

Since 1964, DDC has continuously innovated in the development and production of state-of-the-art products with industry-leading Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) benefits to our customers. Our high-reliability data bus networking (MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, etc) and Power technologies such as Solid-State Power Controllers, Motor Drives and Controls, and Synchro/Resolver interfaces offer minimum component size, lightest weight, and highest performance in cost-effective designs.