US-Based Design and Support

US-Based Design and Support

“Support” means different things to different people. To some, it’s working with an organization that answers phone calls or emails in a timely major. To others, it’s having access to knowledgeable hardware or software resources during a project design phase. At VersaLogic, “support” covers a lot of ground. It boils down to giving customers the kind of service that we would want to receive.

Ironically, VersaLogic’s highest support priority is almost invisible. That priority is on-time delivery. Is it important to work with a supplier that keeps your production line running, or is it OK to have it shut down from time-to-time? VersaLogic works with hundreds of OEMs that are in daily production. Delivering high quality products on time is the first focus.



Extensive Customer Support
Excellent pre-sales applications support
Unbeatable post-sales technical support
Team-oriented approach to customer service at all levels
Expedited production runs
In-stock sample availability direct as well as through distribution
On-time delivery
Emergency spares in stock
Open customer communication

Of course, there are other areas of support that are vital to getting a project completed and into the hands of your customers. Does the prototype system have a bug that doesn’t make sense? Does the first article not function as intended? The value of having an embedded computer expert at your side can be a game changer.

VersaLogic’s technical support staff is there when you need them, with the background and expertise that counts. VersaLogic doesn’t know about eye pressure regulation during cataract surgery, or how fast the update speed needs to be in a jet fighter heads-up display. But VersaLogic’s support experts know the ins-and-outs of the embedded computer that runs both of them. They resolve issues with systems like these on a daily basis.


VersaLogic is a five-time recipient of the Embedded Board Supplier Platinum Vendor Award from VDC Research Group!

The Platinum Vendor status is awarded to companies who score in the top 5% for service-related criteria in VDC’s annual Embedded Boards Market customer survey. Among the criteria used for evaluating vendors are product longevity, availability, reliability and customer service.

Receiving the Platinum Vendor Award emphasizes the kind of overall support that VersaLogic brings to its customers, from simple things like on-time delivery, to complex technical assistance during the development of their product.


In-House Engineering
Does it matter where a product is designed? Probably not. There are good design teams in many corners of the globe. What really matters is how much experience the design team has, especially with real-world applications.

VersaLogic’s support process includes design engineers and tech support staff working together on tough customer issues. Knowing how products behave in the field is invaluable for bettering each product generation. VersaLogic’s US-based design team has decades of experience to draw on. It shows in every product they make.

Of course, when it comes to support, having access to the original designers makes quite a difference. Who is better at explaining specific behaviors than the original engineer? VersaLogic’s team approach to technical support has proven to be extremely effective.


VersaLogic products are manufactured only in Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant countries. TAA designated countries are trusted U.S. procurement sources, so VersaLogic customers can shop with confidence!


The Bottom Line
The experience of VersaLogic’s technical staff can make a significant difference in the development timeframe and success in the field of your end product. Proven high-reliability products from a seasoned design team gives your project a big head start.

Whether it’s challenges during development, or issues that arise after a product goes into production, or just wanting to receive deliveries on time for the next 7 years, VersaLogic has your back.

Here’s what customers say about VersaLogic’s support:


“I was very impressed with the support I received from VersaLogic. You were quick to dial down to the root of the problem, and was very responsive during our correspondence. You went above and beyond what I expected. I have absolutely no complaints about how VersaLogic handled my support case, and I’m very pleased with the final result. High marks all around.”

– Software Engineer, Biomedical technology company


“All I can say is WOW… Very impressed. Thank you for your time and effort. Very good service.”

– Manager, Automated process control robotic technologies


“Thank you very much for your terrific service today. We never know what we’re going to get when we try to initiate some technical support from vendors. When somebody actually answered the phone immediately this morning that was a nice surprise, then when she got me to tech support so quickly that was surprise #2, then having you guys spend the quality time with me was the icing on the cake. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated that.”

– Software engineer, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) company