How to Create a Custom Splash Screen for a VersaLogic EPU

Press Office, VersaLogic Corporation, 07/01/20

These instructions apply to the following VersaLogic products:


  1. Create a JPG image (newlogo.jpg) in any of the following sizes:
    1. 640×480
    2. 800×600
    3. 1024×768
    4. 1280×1024
  2. Download RUFUS Utility (https://rufus.ie/) and create a FreeDOS Bootable USB Thumbdrive
  3. After creating the bootable USB Thumbdrive with FreeDOS, download and copy the “cgutilcmd.exe” program to a folder of your choice on this USB Thumb Drive.
    1. exe is located at https://www.versalogic.com/wp-content/themes/vsl-new/assets/resources/support/epu/BIOS_1105_1106_R103.zip
  4. Copy the JPG image (newlogo.jpg) you’ve created to the USB Thumb Drive in the same folder that the cgutilcomd.exe file is located.
  5. Run these two cgutlcmd commands using the USB Thumb Drive with FreeDOS:
    1. cgutlcmd module /ot:board /create /if:newlogo.jpg /of:newlogo.mod /T:6 (This step converts the jpg to a BIOS Boot Logo module-newlogo.jpg)
    2. cgutlcmd module /ot:board /add /if:newlogo.mod /T:6 (This step inserts the BIOS Boot Logo module into the BIOS – newlogo.jpg)
  6. To display the new custom logo during POST:
    1. Reboot, pressing [DEL] to enter BIOS Menu.
    2. Navigate to the [BOOT] tab, using arrow keys, and highlight [Quiet Boot] = change to [Enabled], [F10] to save and exit and reboot. Your system should now display your Custom Splash Screen you’ve created.


Questions? Feel free to reach out to VersaLogic’s Support team!