Off-the-Shelf Embedded Processing Units – Leading the Revolution in Autonomous Vehicles

Press Office, VersaLogic Corporation, 05/22/24

Autonomous vehicles are undergoing a revolution across land, sea, and air, and not just within a specific industry. A crucial aspect of autonomous vehicles is their ability to make decisions without human intervention, which necessitates intelligence, as well as sensors to provide data. All of these factors require significant computational power.

Autonomous vehicles operate in various environments, ranging from the depths of the ocean to the plains of Mars. It is crucial for these vehicles to have on-board systems that can withstand extreme temperatures, and shock & vibration. Additionally, size, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints  usually limit computing system choices.

Processing Examples in Autonomous Vehicle Applications

VersaLogic has seen many autonomous vehicle projects adopt VersaLogic’s Embedded Processing Unit (EPU) line. The unique combination of size, expandability, power, and design for extremes appears to be a sweet spot for many of these projects. VersaLogic’s EPUs have found successful operation in designs such as:

Beyond the basics, autonomous vehicle missions and packages vary greatly, often requiring in-theater orchestration platforms. It is important for these devices to be rugged as well.

VersaLogic’s EPUs are widely adopted in autonomous vehicle projects and are known for their reliability and performance. These EPUs have a proven track record in underwater exploration, land-based autonomy, and aerial surveillance. They offer a unique combination of compact size, performance, and rugged design. As the autonomous vehicle landscape continues to evolve, VersaLogic remains committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the demands of these dynamic environments.


Finding the Perfect Embedded Processing Unit for Your Application

VersaLogic offers high-performance platforms that can accommodate up to Intel® Xeon® processors with up to 128GB of error correcting RAM, ensuring that even your orchestration platform can survive in extreme environments. VersaLogic also offers a high core-count Intel Atom® platforms featuring dual 10GbE connections and edge server capabilities in rugged hardware that can operate in thermal envelopes from -40°C to +85°C.

Eagle embedded processing unit

VersaLogic’s Eagle (EPU-5120) has the performance power, small package, and high-speed capabilities that autonomous applications require.

VersaLogic’s EPU products are flexible, expandable, and compatible with future EPU products, which provides a path to upgrades in the long-term. Their ruggedness and reliability are crucial for autonomous applications, whether yours is going to be by land, air, or sea.

In addition, VersaLogic can provide customized solutions! Their US-based engineers and support team can modify existing products or even create a fully custom solution to fit your needs.


Need Additional Information?

VersaLogic’s Embedded Applications Consultants are ready and available to talk about how to integrate their EPUs into your autonomous application. Let’s start a conversation.