Smart Grid Energy Control

Smart Grid Energy Control

Application Story

Custom PC/104 Product Provides Security, Connectivity, and Functionality for the Smart Grid

A smart grid is an electrical grid used for electronic power conditioning, control of production and distribution of electricity.  It involves an array of intelligent energy devises like smart meters and smart appliances connected by digital processing and communications, making data flow and information management central to the smart grid.

A smart grid is sustainable through more efficient use of renewable energy, reliable due to technologies such as state estimation, flexible with bi-directional energy flows, efficient using load balancing and enabling by allowing for direct communication between suppliers and consumers.

As Smart Grid technology continues to evolve, putting electrical device manufacturers into position to produce flexible, scalable designs for needs yet to be discovered is essential.


Case Study

One VersaLogic customer, a leading energy & automation solutions provider and electrical equipment manufacturer, produces a line of remote terminal units (RTUs) used in a wide range of Smart Grid applications. Key to meeting the evolving needs of a Smart Grid system is the inclusion of components which can be upgraded easily, economically, and in-the-field.

In an early upgrade to their PC/104 based CPU architecture the customer came to VersaLogic seeking a replacement board offering improved performance and long-life support. We helped them customize a version of our EPM-4 (Lynx) board to meet their target requirements and included the necessary modifications to suit to their specific needs.

Years later, driven by market demand for greater security, functionality and connectivity, the customer again reached out to VersaLogic’s professional staff of account managers, engineers, and technical support team for an answer. Working closely to modify a new solution, based on the EPM-14 (Cougar), VersaLogic once again helped deliver a long-term answer that fit seamlessly into their existing products.

VersaLogic has a long and well established history in modifying off-the-shelf products and implementing customization elements that match specific customer application requirements. An extensive array of customization options are available to OEMs including conformal coating, RTV application, specialized screening and testing, custom labeling, custom splash screens, locked and/or custom CMOS/BIOS settings, memory installation, pre-loaded software (OS and application) configurations, and modifications to connectors. In addition, VersaLogic can assist with BSPs (Board Support Packages) and box-builds.


Why VersaLogic?

If you require reliability, flexibility or long-term availability in your design, or if your application needs to operate in a rugged, real-world environment through a range of changing (or extreme) temperatures, look no further than the company that has proven its performance for over 40 years.  You can count on VersaLogic to deliver reliable, quality embedded systems!




Whether your application needs a standard off-the-shelf product, or a customized embedded computer, the skilled technical staff at VersaLogic work hard to accommodate demanding specifications. Contact VersaLogic Technical Sales staff today for assistance specifying the ideal embedded computer for your project.