Supply Chain Challenges

Press Office, VersaLogic Corporation, 05/25/21

Please be advised that there are growing concerns around electronic component availability. These challenges could impact the delivery of products from VersaLogic during 2021.

VersaLogic’s Supply Chain is constantly monitoring the component markets and taking all actions possible to ensure continuity of supply and on-time deliveries. However, it is clear that businesses that are currently ramping back up are causing a demand that is outpacing supply in both electronic components and bare PCB fabrication.

We are beginning to see unprecedented lead times and cost increase specifically around PCB and memory demand.

  • Due to material shortages, PCB lead times have increased from a typical 4-6 weeks to 16 weeks plus.
  • We are experiencing a two to three-fold price increase on memory
  • Existing orders for memory components are being delayed or canceled (decommitted)

VersaLogic is taking extreme measures to help secure material (and pricing) by taking immediate delivery of material for current customer orders.

For additional details, please download VersaLogic’s Supply Chain Update.

VersaLogic customers can assist in mitigating these supply chain challenges by:

  • Placing purchase orders as far in advance as possible
  • Advising VersaLogic of expected future demand

VersaLogic’s Embedded Application Consultants are available to discuss your expected product demand in order to ease these challenges.