Supply Chain Challenges

Press Office, VersaLogic Corporation, 04/08/22

Global supply chain constraints (extended lead times and cost increases) have worsened considerably from previous quarters. They have gone from a “challenge” to a major impediment in the timely production of electronic products. There is no immediate line-of-sight to improvements expected in the current situation.
  • Some critical logic chips, which were regularly available off-the-shelf in the past, are now being quoted with lead times of 12 months or more.
  • Components ordered months ago for delivery this quarter are being de-committed or not received.
  • VersaLogic is currently ordering components and taking delivery where possible for orders in 2023.
  • It is essential for customers that need a continuous flow of product to place orders with VersaLogic as early as possible. In order for VersaLogic to start the purchasing process, requirements for 2023 should be placed now.

For additional details and to learn how VersaLogic is managing mitigation strategies, please download VersaLogic’s Supply Chain Update.


VersaLogic’s Embedded Application Consultants are available to discuss your expected product demand in order to ease these challenges. We thank you for your continued support.