Product Allocation Notification

Press Office, VersaLogic Corporation, 10/18/21

2021 has been a difficult year for many industries, including the embedded computer industry. Supply chain challenges have recently become even greater than earlier in the year.

In order to address the situation, all VersaLogic products are now on allocation. This means that:

  • Most VersaLogic products will not be available off the shelf
  • New delivery commitments will not be considered firm. All delivery dates will be considered estimates only.
  • Product quantities may be limited. Some orders will not be accepted for the full quantity requested. Split shipments may be required.
  • Pricing adjustments will occur on many products.

VersaLogic’s primary focus is to support its customers in the best way possible. Customers are currently being asked to place product orders as far in advance as possible. The longer the lead time that’s available to obtain parts, the greater the chance of products being delivered timely.

For additional questions, please contact an Embedded Application Consultant at Sales@VersaLogic.com or 503-747-2261.