VersaLogic Culture

VersaLogic Culture

As with any culture, influences come from many sources. Our recipe for culture is equal parts people, region and history.


People at VersaLogic

Affectionately known as VersaLogians, our team is made up of eager, bright individuals from diverse backgrounds. Some hold degrees in engineering, business or information technology, others have learned skills while working here, and progressed into more challenging and specialized positions. VersaLogians are eager to answer questions and help each other out whenever the opportunity is provided.

The Pacific Northwest

Renowned worldwide for its natural beauty, fine wines, microbrews, temperate climate, friendly people, high-tech jobs and overall high quality of life, the Pacific Northwest is a paradise for active and creative people. VersaLogic is located in Tualatin, Oregon. It’s a short distance to Portland, the Pacific coast, and close to the majestic Cascade mountains. Read more about our home on the City of Tualatin website.


Company Heritage

Established in 1976 and privately-owned ever since, VersaLogic is a progressive and profitable business. VersaLogic has always valued its employees and their contribution to the company’s success. VersaLogic is praised for its commitment to environmental stewardship. That means sustainable practices impact decisions as seemingly insignificant as the type of coffee filters we buy for our break room. Imagine how that dedication spreads to the rest of our company? It’s a key aspect of our success.


Come see for yourself why VersaLogic is such a great place to work!