What is Versa API?

Press Office, VersaLogic Corporation, 02/09/23

Why should I care about using an API as part of my software development strategy?

Do you spend too much time writing underlying infrastructure code? Did you know that you could save 70% of coding time by using an API when developing applications to run on embedded computing platforms instead of writing code from the bottom-up? Read on to find out more about the benefits of using an API.


An API at a Glance

An API is a library of software routines that allows access to and control of on-board devices. It sits between the application code and the operating system in the software stack.

chart showing VersaLogic software stack
VersaAPI is VersaLogic’s library of software routines that enable abstracted access to, and control of, the hardware features of VersaLogic’s various families of single board computers (SBCs). Examples include:

  • Reporting board information and attributes
  • Control/interrogate the fan
  • Control/interrogate DIO/GPIO (onboard as well as on installed mini PCIe expansion cards)
  • Control/interrogate analog I/O Channels
  • Control/interrogate onboard timers
  • Control/interrogate watchdog timer
  • Control LCD panel
  • Control/interrogate devices on SPI bus
  • Control/interrogate I2C interface
  • General purpose access to onboard FPGA


So what does it do for me?

The main benefit of using an API instead of diving into the detailed complexity of low-level code is increased coding efficiency. This comes about because:

  • There is no need to research and know the details of drivers and system hardware. No more having to spend hours delving through hardware reference manuals and CPU datasheets.
  • No need to spend days, or even weeks writing and debugging device-specific code, it is only necessary to install the API driver.
  • Designer can focus on innovation instead of low level infrastructure development
  • Use of an API reduces the effort required to upgrade hardware platforms. For example, the VersaAPI calls for DIO/GPIO manipulation are the same across VersaLogic’s families of embedded computing solutions.
  • Use of an API drives additional efficiency by enabling portability between, operating systems and applications


The Next Step

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