How to Improve Time-to-Market with Modified (“MCOTS”) Systems

Press Office, VersaLogic Corporation, 08/25/20

As you scan the VersaLogic single board computer product portfolio looking for a fit for an application, try a different perspective. Start with a computer board that’s close to your requirements and plan to have it modified to fit your needs. Modified single board computers are a great way to get a jump on your competition. Here are some of the advantages:


Rapid Development
By using an existing off-the-shelf embedded computer product to test and develop your application, you can save many months of delay. This type of immediate development allows projects to progress with very low risk and expense. The development hardware may not completely fit the bill for the application, but it will allow the additions and modification to be completely understood for the final product. Both hardware and software modifications are available.


Cost Reduction
Developing a custom embedded computer product to support your application could be a lengthy and expensive proposition. This is especially true with modern high-speed processors. Designing an embedded processor board has numerous challenges. The ultimate project killer is to invest 12+ months into a custom design, only to have it not function properly. The budget is spent and the project timeline is shot. It’s a big gamble.

Eliminating both the up-front time and cost is where modified commercial off-the-shelf, or MCOTS, embedded computer products come in. Using existing single board computers and expert modification gives you a solution without the time and budget risk. VersaLogic offers modified single board computer products in quantities as low as 100 pieces, with turnaround in 30-60 days.


Risk Reduction

  • Leverage proven products and decades of VersaLogic design experience
  • Expertise for high-reliability, extended temperature, and ultra-rugged requirements
  • Detailed mechanical modeling and simulation
  • Samples (COTS) boards available now, not 12 months from now!


Typical Modifications
Standard commercial-off-the-shelf, or COTS, boards are often modified with changes such as:

  • Connector changes
  • I/O Changes
  • BIOS Modifications
  • Special OS Drivers
  • Conformal Coating
  • Special Cabling
  • Special Labeling
  • BGA Underfill
  • Revision Locks
  • Specialized Testing / Screening
  • And more!


Find Out More
If interested, head to our MCOTS page and fill out the form to modify an existing system today! For more information on the modifications available, contact VersaLogic technical sales staff at 503-747-2261 or email Sales@VersaLogic.com to discuss your project’s unique requirements.