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Software Downloads
Board Support Packages BSPs simplify hardware setup by eliminating the need for device driver installation.
Driver Packages DRVs provide a packaged collection of drivers for standard hardware support.
Quick Start Packages QSPs allow for the direct installation of a pre-built operating system image on a target device.
Utilities Utility files for system development on VersaLogic hardware.
InformationFor product-specific drivers and bios updates, please reference the online support page listed in your product manual.
Operating System Support
Windows A family of Microsoft operating systems for general-purpose use.
Windows Embedded A family of Microsoft operating systems for next-generation embedded device development.
Linux Commonly refers to open source operating systems that use the Linux kernel.
VxWorks A real-time embedded operating system made and sold by Wind River Systems.
QNX A commercial microkernel-based real-time operating system developed primarily for embedded systems.
DOS Legacy operating system based on the x86 family of microprocessors.
Compatibility Chart An interactive operating system compatibility matrix for VersaLogic SBCs.
Vendors A list of operating system software vendors partnered with VersaLogic.