VersaLogic Software Products

VersaLogic Software Products


VersaViewer is a useful software tool for embedded hardware bring-up, bench testing, I/O verification, and debugging. It provides a real-time look at system I/O signal levels at any point in the development process.

VersaViewer leverages the VersaAPI (Application Program Interface) for reading and writing to system I/O ports. This makes VersaViewer a useful tool for designing and debugging software that calls VersaAPI to access I/O ports.

VersaViewer displays or sets the following signals on most VersaLogic embedded computers:


An API specifies a set of functions or routines that accomplish a specific task and interact with specific hardware components. VersaAPI:

  • Provides a common software interface for most VersaLogic hardware products.
  • Speeds software development so that programmers don’t need to know the details of low level drivers and system hardware.
  • Offers a standard software development interfaces (Visual Studio, C++).
  • Functions on Windows and Linux Operating Systems.