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VL-EPU-4460 (Condor)
Reference and Support Material



Product Reference

DescriptionProduct RevisionDocument
VL-EPU-4460 Hardware Reference Manual
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  1. MEPU4460_HRM.PDF
VL-EPU-4460 Programmers Reference Manual
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  1. MEPU4460_PRM.PDF

Component Reference

TitleProduct RevisionDocument
6th Generation Intel Process Datasheet
  1. All
  1. Datasheet: U platforms
Intel I210-IT Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  1. All
  1. Datasheet: Intel i210
  2. More Info: Intel
Intel i219-LM Gigabit Ethernet Phy
  1. All
  1. Datasheet: Intel i219
  2. More Info: Intel

BIOS Reference and Downloads

Download includes the necessary BIOS update utility and instructions
Release Date DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionsDownload
2017-08-14Release 1.02
  • Uses discrete TPM instead of firmware TPM by default.
  • Boot to UEFI devices before legacy devices by default.
  • Add support for reduced serial ports on BBc-60 baseboard.
  • Fix hang when Module Serial Port is enabled.
  • Update CPU microcode to version 0xBA.
  1. 1.00 and later
  1. BIOS 1105 1106 R102

Trusted Computing

DescriptionProduct RevisionDocument
Trusting Computing Group (“TCG”) Standards
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  1. TCG PC Client Specific TPM Interface
TPM overview and Atmel AT97SC3204 device
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  1. Atmel TPM Overview

Product KnowledgeBase Articles

DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionsDownload
VT1844 - DisplayPort Cable BackDrive Problem
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  1. VT1844 - DisplayPort Cable BackDrive Problem.pdf