PC/104 and PC/104-Plus

PC/104 and PC/104-Plus

VersaLogic’s PC/104 form factor is ideal for specialized applications where expandability is important and space is at a premium. PC/104 is a self-stacking design that does not require a card cage or other interconnect support.

With only 13.4 square inches of surface area, PC/104 SBC’s are typically more costly to manufacturer or have less I/O capacity than larger formats. VersaLogic provides both PC/104 single board computers (which can be further expanded with PC/104 modules) and PC/104 add-on I/O modules.

PC/104 products provide a single ISA bus connector that allows data transfer at about 8M bit/sec. PC/104-Plus products include both ISA and PCI bus connectors which support high speed I/O devices (such as video frame grabbers) with data transfers up to 133M byte/sec.


  • Small 3.6″ by 3.8″ footprint
  • Modular self-stacking system
  • Stand alone or expansion use
  • Numerous I/O functions available
  • Multiple source, standards based

PC/104 Products