Embedded Processing Units

Embedded Processing Units

Fully assembled and tested x86 embedded computers based on COM designs

Simplify your embedded computer search with VersaLogic EPU products.

EPUs offer a long list of advantages over other embedded computer board products, including:

  • Fast time-to-market
  • Smaller footprint
  • -40° to +85°C operation
  • Fully tested
  • Available off-the-shelf!

There are many more advantages, including being almost obsolescence proof. On top of VersaLogic’s standard 5-year availability guarantee and Product Life Extension programs, EPUs support easier technology migration.

Migrate in the future to an EPU with a newer CPU module, but keep your existing I/O configuration and connectors for drop-in compatibility. That’s an easy upgrade / migration!

The Flexible Embedded Computers

Today’s embedded computer boards come in all shapes and sizes, so why is it so hard to select one for your application? New applications demand more performance, have power and heat constraints, need higher levels of reliability, and have to fit into a budget. That doesn’t make the selection process simple.

VersaLogic’s new EPU embedded computers can put the “easy” back into the selection process. The key is flexibility.