Mining Safety through Slope Stability Detection

Mining Safety through Slope Stability Detection

Application Story

Slope Stability Radar (SSR) Offers Improved Safety and Productivity for Mining

A global technology leader that provides advanced hardware and software solutions to the mining industry is using VersaLogic boards in products designed to monitor and detect wall movement in open-pit and underground mines. If it detects a problem, it also predicts when a collapse is likely to occur. This allows mining operators to make informed decisions to better manage risk, productivity, and safety. Slope Stability Radar (SSR) technology has achieved outstanding success in the global mining industry, having detected numerous wall collapses with sufficient warning to evacuate people and equipment.

Assessing and managing instability hazards on both unstable natural slopes and engineered slopes demands the ability to operate in extreme conditions.  SSR remotely scans rock slopes to continuously measure surface movement through rain, dust, and smoke to give reliable measurements, 24 hours a day. These applications need to survive in harsh environments, from extreme heat to bone-chilling cold, along with the hazard of being shaken around by movement. That’s where VersaLogic’s single board computers can help. VersaLogic products are tested for shock and vibration and operate along the full industrial temperature range (-40° to +85°C).

VersaLogic products are utilized within the Radio Imaging Method (RIM) component in SSR systems meeting the need for a rugged standalone system with embedded processing and long-range, long-term monitoring capabilities. One customer has migrated  two of their platforms from older VersaLogic boards to newer BayTrail boards (BayCat & Viper).

In the mining industry, you can count on VersaLogic’s expertise to deliver reliable embedded systems. If your application needs a rugged, industrial temperature embedded computer, look no further than the company that has proven its performance for over 40 years.




Whether your application needs a standard off-the-shelf product, or a customized embedded computer, the skilled technical staff at VersaLogic work hard to accommodate demanding specifications. Contact VersaLogic Technical Sales staff today for assistance specifying the ideal embedded computer for your project.