PC/104 Delivers Reliability for Industrial Monitoring

PC/104 Delivers Reliability for Industrial Monitoring

Application Story

Emissions Monitoring Equipment Manufacturer Discovers Reliable SBCs from VersaLogic

Emissions monitoring and gas analysis are important processes in the industrial automation industry. It’s especially important to be compliant with municipal, state, and federal government laws. Maintaining appropriate levels and monitoring exhaust needs to happen around-the-clock – while also giving the user peace of mind that it is measuring quickly and reliably.

A manufacturer of gas analyzers and emissions monitoring systems,  that has been around for over 30 years, trusted VersaLogic to source their needs for a PC/104 board. With hundreds of thousands of analyzers in the field, they needed a company to provide reliable single board computers. This type of equipment needs to be accurate and deliver consistent measurements. They needed to find a supplier that could uphold the high standards that they require of their equipment to meet the needs of their customers.

pc-104 embedded computer

That’s why VersaLogic’s BayCat (EPM-31), seen right, was a near-perfect match. The BayCat provides an outstanding balance of price, performance, and power. Featuring a multi-core Intel Atom E3800 processor, and extensive industrial I/O, it was deemed to meet their requirements. All VersaLogic products are tested to MIL-STD-202 for shock and vibration, and can withstand temperatures from -40° to +85°C.

This application required a few modifications to the Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) version of the BayCat. VersaLogic’s Modified COTS program allowed them to quickly define an exact fit to their performance, thermal and physical requirements. Pre-shipment integration also allowed them to reduce assembly time and save cost during manufacturing.

If your industrial automation or emissions monitoring application will be subjected to 24/7 use and harsh environmental conditions, you will be considering manufacturers that produce rugged embedded computers.

You can count on VersaLogic’s expertise to deliver reliable embedded systems. If your application needs a rugged, industrial temperature embedded computer, look no further than the company that has proven its performance for over 40 years.




Whether your application needs a standard off-the-shelf product, or a customized embedded computer, the skilled technical staff at VersaLogic work hard to accommodate demanding specifications. Contact VersaLogic Technical Sales staff today for assistance specifying the ideal embedded computer for your project.