Evaluation Programs

Evaluation Programs

Speed up your testing and proof of concept

VersaLogic has a range of evaluation programs to help you get a head-start on evaluating embedded systems. Select a program that meets your needs:

Turnkey Evaluation Systems

Preassembled Evaluation SystemsWould your project benefit from hands-on testing of a VersaLogic embedded computer? There are only so many specs and performance comparisons that you can read in order to determine if a product will work for you. Especially with today’s various combinations of enhanced processor, I/O, and video functions, hands-on testing is the only way to know if a given computer system will perform well with a specific application.

VersaLogic can make that easier.

Pre-assembled evaluation systems are enclosed, powered, and preloaded with Windows or Linux OS. They are ready to run your application.

Pre-assembled evaluation systems are available for selected VersaLogic products and are available for 45-day loan for qualifying projects.

Applicants are also eligible to participate in VersaLogic’s Field Advisory Board, a group that influences the functions and features of future VersaLogic products.

Does your project qualify? Complete the application below to find out.

Note: VersaLogic’s Turnkey Evaluation Systems are currently available only to US addresses.

Sabertooth Turnkey Evaluation SystemSabertooth (VL-EPMe-51) Turnkey Evaluation SystemSystem Evaluation Request
Grizzly TurnkeyEvaluation SystemGrizzly (VL-ESU-5070) Turnkey Evaluation SystemSystem Evaluation Request
Harrier Turnkey Evaluation SystemHarrier (VL-EPU-4011) Turnkey Evaluation SystemSystem Evaluation Request
Blackbird Turnkey Evaluation SystemBlackbird (VL-EPU-4562) Turnkey Evaluation SystemSystem Evaluation Request


Board-level Evaluation

Most other VersaLogic products are also available for hands-on evaluation, but are not yet available in turnkey systems. A board-level product and cable kit are provided, but they require a power supply, OS to install, and a storage device (in some cases) in order to be fully operational. In other words, they require some prep before testing can begin.

If you are interested in evaluating a board-level embedded computer, please click on the button below.

Board-level Product Evaluation SystemBoard-level Evaluation Request

If you have questions about VersaLogic’s Evaluation Loaner Program, please email or call today. We’re ready to give you the info that you need! Please call our technical sales team at 503-747-22611, send an email to Sales@VersaLogic.com.