Rugged Embedded Computers for Data Science and Discovery Research

Rugged Embedded Computers for Data Science and Discovery Research

Application Story

VersaLogic SBC at the Heart of the World’s Biggest Digital Camera

When building an application to be used for data science and discovery research, there are key features to consider. How long will my application be used? Where will it be used? What kinds of outside factors might affect it?

If your application will be subjected to 24/7 use and harsh environmental conditions, you will be considering manufacturers that produce rugged embedded computers.

For example, the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, which is working on developing the largest digital camera ever constructed, trusted VersaLogic’s Lion embedded computer because of its ability to withstand temperatures from -40° to +85°C and has long-term availability. Their discovery research is to conduct a ten-year survey of the dynamic universe.

The LSST camera will photograph the entire southern sky every 3.5 days using its 3.2 gigapixel camera to cover an area 40 times the size of the full moon.

The camera will take a pair of 15-second exposures of each field throughout the entire night. This “movie,” will open an entirely new window on the universe: the time domain. The Rubin Observatory will produce, on average, 15 terabytes of LSST data per night, yielding an uncompressed data set of 200 petabytes. Dedicated facilities will process the image data in near real time. The full program kicks off in 2022 and is expected to last at least 10 years.

In the data science and discovery research industry, you can count on VersaLogic’s expertise to deliver reliable embedded systems. If your application needs a rugged, industrial temperature embedded computer, look no further than the company that has proven its performance for over 40 years.




Whether your application needs a standard off-the-shelf product, or a customized embedded computer, the skilled technical staff at VersaLogic work hard to accommodate demanding specifications. Contact VersaLogic Technical Sales staff today for assistance specifying the ideal embedded computer for your project.