Embedded Systems in Healthcare: Blood Treatment Systems

Embedded Systems in Healthcare: Blood Treatment Systems

Application Story

VersaLogic Computer Keeps Automated Blood Collection System Flowing

If you’re building a smart or IoT medical device, the embedded system needs to keep running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s important that it works when it’s supposed to! That’s why an OEM working in the medical industry chose to trust a VersaLogic SBC.

Automated blood collection systems are used to collect a combination of red blood cells, platelets, and plasma from donors. These highly integrated, computerized systems minimize operator intervention, integrate key functions, and provide important data at a moment’s notice, thereby enhancing the efficiency of blood center operations and patient care.


Case Study

At the heart of one of the most widely used automated blood collection systems are two VersaLogic single board computers (SBCs). The system relies on one VersaLogic board to perform control functions, while the other board is used as a safety computer. The state-of-the-art system uses cell separators that allow for the division of the various blood components in a high-speed centrifugal field while the device is still connected to the donor. This process allows collection of any combination of red blood cells, platelets, and plasma while returning unneeded components to the donor, thereby allowing more frequent donations.

The high reliability and long-term availability of VersaLogic SBCs were key elements in the selection of an embedded system for their medical device. In addition, VersaLogic accommodated customization requests that allowed communication between the CPU board, multiple peripherals, and the manufacturer’s I/O platform.

You can count on VersaLogic’s expertise to deliver reliable embedded systems in medical applications. If your application needs a rugged, industrial temperature embedded computer, look no further than the company that has proven its performance for over 40 years.




Whether your application needs a standard off-the-shelf product, or a customized embedded computer, the skilled technical staff at VersaLogic work hard to accommodate demanding specifications. Contact VersaLogic Technical Sales staff today for assistance specifying the ideal embedded computer for your project.