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VL-EBX-18 (Anaconda)
Reference and Support Material



Product Reference

DescriptionProduct RevisionDocument
VL-EBX-18 Hardware Reference Manual
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  1. MEBX18_HRM.pdf
VL-EBX-18 Programmer's Reference Manual
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  1. MEBX18_PRM.pdf
VL-EBX-18 BIOS Reference Manual
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  1. MEPM-19_EBX-18-BIOS.pdf

Component Reference

TitleProduct RevisionDocument
DMP Vortex86DX2 SoC x86 CPU (includes Video and Ethernet)
  1. All
  1. Datasheet: DMP Vortex86DX2 Support Site
  2. Driver: See VersaLogic Software Support
  3. More info: DMP Electronics, Inc.
Microchip ILAN9513 USB Hub and 10/100 Ethernet Controller
  1. All
  1. Datasheet: Microchip ILAN9513
  2. Driver: See VersaLogic Software Support, included in OS drivers
  3. More info: Microchip Technology Inc.

BIOS Reference and Downloads

Download includes the necessary BIOS update utility and instructions.
Release Date DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionsDownload
2015-11-05Release 1.01
  1. BIOS now used on both EBX-18 and EPM-19.
  2. Added Memory size and speed settings to Main menu.
  3. Removed manual memory adjustment settings.
  1. 1.00 and later
  1. 1078R101.zip
2015-07-14Release 1.00 - Initial Release.
  1. 1.00 and later
  1. 1078R100.zip

White Papers

DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionDownload
Designing for Harsh Environments Using COTS Products
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  1. Download PDF
The Myth: Extended Temperature Embedded Computers
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  1. Download PDF
Ultra Reliable Embedded Computing
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  1. Download PDF
The Invisible Foe Understanding and Controlling ESD Damage
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  1. Download PDF

Product KnowledgeBase Articles

DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionsDownload
VT1551 How to Test Serial Port Connections in Debian Using Getty
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  1. VT1551.pdf
VT1411 Portability of Embedded Operating System Images
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  1. VT1411.pdf
VT1407 Direct I/O Port Access under Windows NT/2000/XP
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  1. VT1407.pdf
VT1371 How to Boot from the Ethernet Controller
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  1. VT1371.pdf

Product Advisories

DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionsDownload
PA1648 VL-EBX-18SAK, VL-EBX-18SBK, and VL-EBX-18SCK, End Of Life (EOL)
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  1. VT1847.pdf
PA1574 EBX-18 (Anaconda) Support for customer-supplied cooling fan
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  1. VT1818.pdf

Product Views

3D PDF View of the product and optional accessories (Note: Download ZIP file and use acrobat viewer to display)
TitleFile SizeDownload
EBX-18 - Standard Product
  1. 89.9 MB
  1. EBX-18-Heat_Sink.zip