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Product Reference

DescriptionProduct RevisionDocument
Cougar Reference Manual
  1. All
  1. MEPM14.pdf

Component Reference

TitleProduct RevisionDocument
AMD LX 800 CPU and Video
  1. All
  1. Datasheet: LX Databook May 2008.pdf
  2. Driver: AMD Geode LX for Windows.
  3. Driver: Check the AMD website for Linux and Windows CE (search for LX/CS5536).
  4. More Info: AMD
Intel 82551ER Fast Ethernet Controller
  1. All
  1. Datasheet: 82551ER_Datasheet.pdf
  2. Driver: Intel - For Windows 98, 2000, and XP, use the NDIS4 driver.
  3. More info: Intel Developer Center
AMD CS5536 Companion Device
  1. All
  1. Datasheet: CS5536 databook.pdf
  2. More Info: AMD
SMSC LPC47N217 Super I/O Chip
  1. All
  1. Datasheet: LPC47N217_(Data Sheet).pdf
  2. More info: SMSC
Analog Devices ADM1032 Temperature Sensor
  1. All
  1. Datasheet: ADM1032.pdf
  2. More info: Analog Devices
Intersil HIN211E RS-232 Transceiver
  1. All
  1. Datasheet: HIN211E.pdf
  2. More info: Intersil
Texas Instruments SN75HVD08 RS-485 Transceiver
  1. All
  1. Datasheet: SN75HVD08_Datasheet.pdf
  2. More Info: Texas Instruments

BIOS Reference and Downloads

Note: Before downloading, please read BIOS upgrade information for general information on the BIOS, upgrade instructions and a downloadable BIOS update utility.
Release Date DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionsDownload
2015-10-20Release 5.3.106 - Starts shipping on board revision 3.03
  1. Default memory speed changed from 333MHz to 366MHz to better match current generation memory parts.
  1. 3.xx or later
  1. 1032R106.BIN
    (1 MB)
2008-09-18Release 5.3.105 - Web release 9/22/2008; starts shipping on board revision 3.01
  1. Updated COM3 mode control to match Rev 3.01 PLD.
  2. >Removed 266 MHz memory speed setting options. Faster and slower speeds are still available.
  3. IRQ7 marked reserved in thermal monitor IRQ options.
  1. 3.xx or later
  1. 1032R105.BIN
    (1 MB)
2008-08-14Release 5.3.104 - Web release 8/14/2008
  1. Fixed SST flash chip compatibility.
  1. 2.xx or later
  1. 1032R104.BIN
    (1 MB)
2008-07-31Release 5.3.103 - Web release 7/31/2008
  1. Added option to turn off periodic System Management Interrupt, allowing improved IRQ latency and real-time performance in most operating environments.
  2. Added PCI Interrupt Routing "$PIR" table.
  3. Fixed built-in BIOS extension to consume minimal upper memory space, leaving the remainder to ISA.
  1. 2.xx or later
  1. 1032R102.BIN
    (1 MB)
2008-06-24Release 5.3.102 - Started shipping on board revision 2.01
  1. Fixed ISA IRQs.
  2. Turned on programmable LED after power on.
  1. 2.xx or later
  1. 1032R102.BIN
    (1 MB)
2008-06-06Release 5.3.101
  1. Disabled Geode audio device so that it is unlisted in Windows XP Device Manager.
  2. Updated COM3 mode control for Rev. 3 EPM-14 boards.
  3. Added secondary video BIOS functionality using jumper V2[5-6].
  4. Updated default PCI IRQ selection to minimize conflict with ISA and LPC.
  1. 2.xx or later
  1. IP1032R101A.BIN
    (1 MB)
2008-05-06Release 5.3.100 - Initial Release
  1. 2.xx or later
  1. IP1032R100A.BIN
    (1 MB)

PLD Reference and Downloads

Note: Before downloading, please read PLD upgrade information for general information on PLD code, upgrade instructions, and ISPVME update utility.
Release Date DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionsDownload
2008-09-18Fixed COM3 RS-422/RS-485 functionality.
  1. Board 3.xx and later, BIOS 5.3.105 and later
  1. EPM14R301.zip
2008-05-06Initial release.
  1. Board 2.xx and later, BIOS 5.3.100 and later
  1. EPM14R201.zip

White Papers

DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionDownload
Designing for Harsh Environments Using COTS Products
  1. Download PDF
The Myth: Extended Temperature Embedded Computers
  1. Download PDF
Ultra Reliable Embedded Computing
  1. Download PDF
The Invisible Foe Understanding and Controlling ESD Damage
  1. Download PDF

Product KnowledgeBase Articles

DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionsDownload
VT1590 Maximum Amount of RAM on the EPM-14
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  1. VT1590.pdf
VT1582 EPM-14 CMOS Setup Reference
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  1. VT1582.pdf
VT1551 How to Test Serial Port Connections in Debian Using Getty
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  1. VT1551.pdf
VT1411 Portability of Embedded Operating System Images
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  1. VT1411.pdf
VT1407 Direct I/O Port Access under Windows NT/2000/XP
  1. All
  1. VT1407.pdf
VT1371 How to Boot from the Ethernet Controller
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  1. VT1371.pdf

Product Advisories

DescriptionCompatible Product RevisionsDownload
PA1544 EPM-14h (Cougar) BIOS update and CPU clock change
  1. All
  1. VT1804.pdf
PA1210 EPM-14 Changes to the Ethernet circuitry for noise immunity
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  1. VT1673.pdf