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Operating System: Debian Linux (Wheezy/Testing)

Kernel: 3.2.0-3-686-pae

Compatibility: Copperhead

Release: LPI-LNX(64)-CRIV-R1.00

Linux Package Installer (LPI) for VersaLogic embedded computers based on the Intel Chief River (3rd Generation Core i7) platform. LPIs enable embedded developers to streamline hardware setup and application development by reducing the need for OS configuration and driver installation.

The file package below, is available for download to qualified VersaLogic customers. To access this software package, please submit a Software Request Form <==
File Format Date Size
TXTChangeLog TXT 3/20/2013 0 KB
Revision history for the LPI-LNX(64)-CRIV package.
ZIPLPI-LNX(64)-CRIV-R1.00 ZIP 4/23/2013 1.1 GB
Debian Linux Live Hybrid Image for the Intel Chief River (3rd Generation Core i7) platform platform. The bootable CD contains all software and drivers required to install Debian Linux to a SATA or USB drive.
HTMLReadMe HTML 3/8/2017 16 KB
Hardware requirements, installation instructions, adding new programs, Advanced User Package, important notes, known issues, and references.