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VersaAPI 1.4.2 for Linux (Ubuntu) 32-bit

Operating System: Ubuntu Linux Ubuntu 10.04.4 32-bit

Kernel: Ubuntu 10.04.4 32-bit

Compatibility: Fox / Anaconda

Release: VersaAPI-1.4.2_Linux_Ubuntu-R1.4.2

VersaAPI Application Programming Interface (API) Device drivers and VersaAPI included. Provides simplified I/O interface for most application languages.
Supported Products: Anaconda (EBX-18), Fox (EPM-19).
32 bit Linux version of VersaAPI release 1.4.2; Fox and Anaconda do not support Ubuntu 14.04 so we release on Ubuntu 10.04.

The file package below, is available for download to qualified VersaLogic customers. To access this software package, please submit a Software Request Form. <==
You will need to include a valid email address on the form. An email will be sent with the software download link.

VersaAPI Reference and Support Material
File Format Date Size
PDFVersaAPI Guide v1.4.2 PDF 9/2/2016 913 KB
VersaAPI Installation and Reference Guide, version 1.4.2
ZIPVersaAPI Linux 32-bit v1.4.2 ZIP 9/21/2016 94 KB
VersaAPI release package for 32-bit Linux Ubuntu 10.04.4.
TGZ file will download from the archived ZIP file.