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Operating System: Windows Win XP (SP3)

Compatibility: Copperhead

Release: DRV-WXP-CRIV-R1.0.0

Driver Package (DRV) for VersaLogic SBCs based on the Intel Chief River (3rd Generation Core i7) platform. This package contains drivers for audio, chipset, and network.

File Format Date Size
TXTChangeLog TXT 6/4/2014 0 KB
Revision history for the DRV-WXP-CRIV package.
ZIPDRV-WXP-CRIV-R1.00 ZIP 2/27/2013 117 MB
Windows XP drivers for audio, chipset, network, storage and video.
PDFReadMe DRV-WXP-CRIV-R1.00 PDF 7/18/2018 100 KB
Supported hardware, driver notes and known issues.