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Operating System: Debian Linux 5.0.2

Kernel: 2.6.30-3

Compatibility: Ocelot

Release: QSP-LNX-MNLW-R1.00

Quick Start Package (QSP) for VersaLogic SBCs based on the Intel Atom Z5xx platform which allows embedded developers to streamline hardware setup by eliminating the need for OS configuration and driver installation. See QSP-LNX-MNLW-R2.00 for the latest version of this package.

The file package below, is available for download to qualified VersaLogic customers. To access this software package, please submit a Software Request Form <==
File Format Date Size
TXTMD5SUM TXT 8/31/2009 1 KB
MD5SUM checksum which can be used to check the integrity of downloaded files.
ISOQSP-LNX-MNLW-R1.00 ISO 8/31/2009 528 MB
CD for installing Debian Linux on the Ocelot (EPMs-21). The bootable CD contains all software and drivers required to install Debian Linux to a CompactFlash, IDE drive, or USB drive. Three stable images are provided to meet a range of functionality requirements.
ZIPQSP-LNX-MNLW-R1.00-AUP ZIP 8/31/2009 66 MB
The Advanced User Package (AUP) contains kernel sources, an installable kernel .deb file along with header files, a custom kernel .config file, and a patch to provide updated hardware driver support. This package will help you get started if you would like to run a Linux distribution other than Debian.
TXTReadMe TXT 8/31/2009 28 KB
Hardware requirements, installation instructions, features overview, and important notes.