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VL-EPMs-PS1SUMIT Power Supply Module

SUMIT Power Supply Module

Power supply module with support for SUMIT and PC/104 expansion. Features 50W output from -40 to +60C; 25W at +85C.


The VL-EPMs-PS1 is OBSOLETE. This data sheet is viewable for reference only from an INTERNAL VERSALOGIC WORKSTATION. It does NOT appear to normal users on our public website.


  • SUMIT and PC/104 Compatible
    Supports SUMIT and ISA expansion on a compact, highly rugged format.
  • Triple Output Supply with Wide Input Range
    Output voltages of +5V and 12V generated from +9 to +40 VDC input.
  • Input Protection
    Diode protected against input polarity reversal. Transient voltage suppression provides enhanced ESD protection.
  • Efficient Switching Design
    Engineered for maximum power efficiency and optimum thermal management.
  • Power Connectors
    Up to 50 watts output is delivered to the SUMIT and ISA bus power pins as well as card edge terminal blocks.
  • TTL Level Disable Inputs
    Enables unused power supplies to be disabled to save power or can be used for on/off power switching.
  • MIL-STD-202G
    Qualified for high shock/vibration environments.

Software Expertise: Reference & Software Expertise

OS Compatibility: Linux

Embedded PC/104+ ModuleRoHS-compliant



The VL-EPMs-PS1 is a plug-in 50 watt switching DC/DC converter and power supply module designed to power an embedded system stack. This robust power supply is the ideal solution for powering systems in defense, aerospace, medical device, robotics, and factory automation where a small footprint and dependable operation are crucial design factors.

This in-stack supply is an ideal way to provide clean, reliable, noise-free power to the heart of larger systems. It eliminates the problems associated with distributing clean, properly regulated power within automated systems, especially those that include motors and other sources of electrical noise. Voltage sag, intermittent operation, and unexplained system resets are eliminated by having a dedicated in-stack power source for the control system.

Like all VersaLogic products, the VL-EPMs-PS1 is designed to support OEM applications where high reliability and long-term availability are required. From application design-in to 5+ guaranteed years of production life, the VL-EPMs-PS1 provides a durable embedded computer solution with an excellent cost of ownership. The VL-EPMs-PS1 is manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards and is fully RoHS compliant. Customization is available, even in low OEM quantities.


The VL-EPMs-PS1 power supply provides up to 50 watts of continuous output power. The unit operates over a wide +9 to +40 VDC input range to produce standard output voltages of +5V and 12V. Output power is delivered through the stackable SUMIT and/or ISA connectors to power compatible boards while auxiliary terminal blocks provide output power for sensors, transducers, and other ancillary circuitry.

The module is designed to operate over an extended temperature range (50W from -40 to +60C; 25W at +85C) and is certified to MIL-STD-202G specifications for shock and vibration. Input protection clamps voltages to safe levels while a 10 amp fuse protects the card from overcurrent conditions. Regulation and transient suppression reduce supply ripple and protect the computer circuitry from power source hazards. Input protection guards against input polarity reversal of up to +40 VDC.

VersaLogic products are designed for use by OEMs working in a variety of market applications: Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Industrial, Security, Medical, Military, Robotics, and Transportation. Anywhere that the need for superb quality and high-performance embedded computing exists, applications include: automation, avionics, gateway, in-vehicle, monitoring, simulation, and vision.

VersaLogic delivers extremely reliable standard and customized embedded computers backed with unsurpassed service and the highest availability in the market. VersaLogic exists to exceed customers' product, service, support and delivery needs - whenever and wherever the need arises.


General Board Size PC/104 standard: 90 mm x 96 mm (3.55" x 3.78")
Switching Frequency +5V output: 200 KHz fixed
12V output: 1.2 MHz fixed
Expansion SUMIT, PC/104 (ISA)
RoHS Compliant
Environmental Operating Temperature -40 to +60C at 50W; -40 to +85C at 25W*
Storage Temperature -40 to +85C
Thermal Shock 5C/min. over operating temperature
Humidity Less than 95%, noncondensing
Vibration, Sinusoidal Sweep MIL-STD-202G, Method 204, Modified Condition A: 2g constant acceleration from 5 to 500 Hz, 20 minutes per axis
Vibration, Random MIL-STD-202G, Method 214A, Condition A: 0.02g/Hz (5.35g rms), 15 minutes per axis
Mechanical Shock MIL-STD-202G, Method 213B, Condition J: 30g half-sine, 11 ms duration per axis
Input Power Requirements +9 to +40 VDC, 75W
Protection Transient voltage, voltage reversal, and overcurrent
Output +5V 50W (10A) max. continuous output from -40 to +60C; 25W (5A) at +85C*
12V 1.8W (150 mA) each max. continuous output from -40 to +85C
Voltage Ripple +5V output: 30 mV peak-to-peak at 50% load
12V output: 30 mV peak-to-peak at 50% load
Regulation Less than 1%
Protection Transient voltage and overcurrent
*Power Output vs. Temperature
Data represents standard operation at 25C with +5V supply unless otherwise noted. Specifications are subject to change without notification. PC/104 is a trademark of the PC/104 Consortium. SUMIT is a trademark of the SFF-SIG.

Software Support Packages

Operating System Compatibility

Knoppix - Meets Specifications


Part Number Description Photo
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VL-HDW-106Standoff package, 0.6", English thread
VL-HDW-203PC/104 extractor tool (metal)

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VL-EPMs-PS1a 50W from -40 to +60C; 25W at +85C SUMIT-AB + ISA