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Blackbird (VL-EPU-4562)

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VersaLogic can provide a product sample to qualified applicants looking to test and evaluate VersaLogic’s embedded computer products in their application.

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Blackbird Product Pricing
Model: VL-EPU-4462-EAP-08 Qty. 1:  $1,949 ea. Qty. 10:  $1,832 ea.
Model: VL-EPU-4462-EBP-16 Qty. 1:  $2,249 ea. Qty. 10:  $2,114 ea.
Model: VL-EPU-4562-EBP-16 Qty. 1:  $2,449 ea. Qty. 10:  $2,302 ea.
Model: VL-EPU-4562-ECP-16 Qty. 1:  $2,824 ea. Qty. 10:  $2,655 ea.
Model: VL-EPU-4562-ECP-32 Qty. 1:  $3,024 ea. Qty. 10:  $2,843 ea.
Model: VL-EPU-4562-WCP-16 Qty. 1:  $2,079 ea. Qty. 10:  $1,954 ea.
Model: VL-EPU-4562-WCP-32 Qty. 1:  $2,229 ea. Qty. 10:  $2,095 ea.
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