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VersaLogic announces full-line five-year warranty

Tualatin, OR — March 12, 2014 — VersaLogic Corp., the embedded industry's most trusted computer company, announced today that it has increased the warranty period for its products from two years to five years. This is more than double the industry average.

The company's ultra-low failure rates are a result of years of experience, strict quality controls, and relentless attention to detail. This proven reliability has enabled the Company to provide this new industry-leading warranty to its customers.

"With over three decades of proven performance in mission critical applications, we are completely confident that our embedded computers are the most reliable on the market today," said Bruce McKinnon, Chief Operating Officer of VersaLogic. "Robust engineering and the highest levels of quality are of paramount importance to VersaLogic and our customers. Our new extended warranty is proof of this focus."

VersaLogic's new five-year warranty program covers all active VersaLogic manufactured products going forward, as well as retroactive coverage for products already in the field.

About VersaLogic Corporation

VersaLogic Corp. built its reputation on very high reliability products and superior service. A 35-year history of consistency has earned VersaLogic the reputation of being the industry's most trusted embedded computer company. VersaLogic delivers state-of-the-art embedded computers, coupled with expert technical support, for critical markets such as the medical and defense industries. For more information, visit www.VersaLogic.com.