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VL-EPHs-S1SUMIT-micro SATA Adapter

SUMIT-micro SATA Adapter

SUMIT-micro adapter board provides additional SATA capabilities for SUMIT-based embedded systems.

Not Recommended for New Designs

This product is nearing the end of its production phase and is not appropriate for OEM products at the start of their lifecycle. This product is not recommended for new designs.

For complete product lifecycle information, the Product Lifecycle chart is available by request.


  • SUMIT-micro Form Factor
    Small footprint board expands any SUMIT-based system.
  • SATA Interface
    Supports two SATA drives and includes RAID 0 (Fast) and RAID 1 (Safe) operation.
  • Industrial Temperature
    -40 to +85C operation for harsh environments.
  • MIL-STD-202G
    Qualified for high shock/vibration environments.

OS Compatibility: 10 Windows/8/7/XP, Windows Embedded Std. 7/XPe/CE, Linux

SUMIT-enabled Embedded ModuleRoHS-compliant



The VL-EPHs-S1 expansion module provides SATA interface capabilities for any SUMIT-based embedded system. With a small footprint, simplified interface, and extensive ruggedization, the VL-EPHs-S1 is an ideal solution for all SUMITsystems that require SATA capabilities.

The VL-EPHs-S1 is designed to support OEM applications where high reliability and long-term availability are required. From application design-in support, to the 5+ year production life guarantee, the VL-EPHs-S1 provides a rugged embedded computer solution with an excellent cost of ownership. The VL-EPHs-S1 is manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards and is fully RoHS compliant. Customization is available, even in low OEM quantities.


The VL-EPHs-S1 expansion module is a 90 mm x 32 mm (3.54 x 1.26) mezzanine SUMIT-micro card that provides SATA signals via the PCIe lane of the SUMIT-A connector. It mounts to the top of the SUMIT stack using two hardware standoffs. The on-board SATA controller supports two SATA drives in normal, RAID 0 (Fast), or RAID 1 (Safe) configuration. The two standard latching SATA connectors are compatible with traditional rotating drives, as well as solid-state SATA drives. An EEPROM BIOS extension enables booting from a SATA device.

Designed for full industrial (-40 to +85C) temperature operation; the VL-EPHs-S1 meets MIL-STD-202G specifications for mechanical shock and vibration for use in harsh environments.

The VL-EPHs-S1 is compatible with a variety of popular operating systems including Windows, Windows Embedded, Linux, VxWorks, and QNX.

VersaLogic products are designed for use by OEMs working in a variety of market applications: Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Industrial, Security, Medical, Military, Robotics, and Transportation. Anywhere that the need for superb quality and high-performance embedded computing exists, applications include: automation, avionics, gateway, in-vehicle, monitoring, simulation, and vision.

VersaLogic delivers extremely reliable standard and customized embedded computers backed with unsurpassed service and the highest availability in the market. VersaLogic exists to exceed customers' product, service, support and delivery needs - whenever and wherever the need arises.

Ordering Information

Model SATA Ports Operating Temp. Stackable Bus Digi-Key logo
VL-EPHs-S1E 2 -40 to +85C SUMIT


Part Number Description Photo
VL-CBR-0701SATA cable, 19.75"
VL-CBR-0702SATA cable, latching, 19.75"
VL-HDW-105Standoff package, 0.6", Metric thread
VL-HDW-106Standoff package, 0.6", English thread
VL-HDW-203PC/104 extractor tool (metal)


General Board Size SUMIT-micro: 32 mm x 90 mm (1.26" x 3.54")
Power Requirements* +5V@0.21A (1W) typ. (via SUMIT connector)
Stackable Bus SUMIT (top of stack only)
Manufacturing Standards IPC-A-610 Class 2 compliant
RoHS RoHS (2011/65/EU) compliant
Environmental Operating Temperature -40 to +85C
Storage Temperature -40 to +85C
Airflow Requirements Free air from -40 to +85C
Thermal Shock 5C/min. over operating temperature
Humidity Less than 95%, noncondensing
Vibration, Sinusoidal Sweep MIL-STD-202G, Method 204, Modified Condition A: 2g constant acceleration from 5 to 500 Hz, 20 minutes per axis
Vibration, Random MIL-STD-202G, Method 214A, Condition A: 5.35g rms, 5 minutes per axis
Mechanical Shock MIL-STD-202G, Method 213B, Condition G: 20g half-sine, 11 ms duration per axis
Mass Storage SATA Interface Two SATA (Revision 2.0) ports. Bootable via BIOS extension. Latching right angle SATA connectors. Support for RAID 0 (Fast) and RAID 1 (Safe).
Software BIOS EEPROM BIOS extension to enable booting from a SATA device
Operating Systems Compatible with most x86 operating systems including Windows, Windows Embedded, Linux, VxWorks, and QNX
* Power specifications represent typical power draw at +25C with +5V supply running Windows XP
Specifications are subject to change without notification. SUMIT is a trademark of the SFF-SIG. SUMIT-micro is a trademark of VersaLogic Corp. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.