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12CT9716-Bit Analog & Digital Input/Output Card

16-Bit Analog & Digital Input/Output Card

Multifunction I/O card with 16-bit analog input, 12-bit analog output, and 16 digital I/O lines.


The 12CT97 is OBSOLETE. This data sheet is viewable for reference only from an INTERNAL VERSALOGIC WORKSTATION. It does NOT appear to normal users on our public website.


  • Analog Input:
    8 Differential or 16 Single-Ended Input Channels
  • Analog Output:
    2 Output Channels
  • Digital Input/Output:
    16 Channel Opto 22 Compatible
  • Extended Temperature Operation
  • STD 32 (8 or 16-Bit Data), STD 80 Compatible
  • Customized versions available
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)

Software Expertise: Reference & Software Expertise


The VL-12CT97 multifunction card provides a combination of commonly needed I/O functions. 16-bit analog input, analog output, and digital I/O functions are all on one compact extended temperature card.

A fast 10 microsecond A/D converter is used on the VL-12CT97 and eight differential or 16 single-ended multiplexed inputs with 5 or 10 volt ranges are available. Four channels can optionally be configured as current inputs.

Two channels of double buffered 12-bit D/A are provided in the same 5 or 10 volt ranges. One channel can optionally be converted to a 4-20 ma output.

The 16 digital I/O lines are configured as open-collector outputs with readback. They are compatible with Opto 22 type modular I/O racks.

Jumper selectable 8 and 16-bit data paths are provided on the VL-12CT97 cards. The 8-bit data mode is STD 80 compatible, while the 16-bit data mode is STD 32 compatible. Both cards support 8 and 16-bit I/O addressing and occupy 16 consecutive addresses.

The analog input channels can be jumper configured as 8 differential or 16 single ended inputs, in a 5 or 10 volt range. Two more ranges are available by jumpering the instrumentation amplifier for a gain of 100. The VL-12CT97 has an input resolution of 16-bits. A 1ms low pass filter is provided for noise rejection. Data format is in two's complement notation.

When in differential mode, four of the channels can be converted to current loop input by installing on-card dropping resistors.

A conversion cycle is initiated either under program control or automatically after the previous data is read. Channels are selected with a simple output command, or incremented automatically. Settling time delay is jumper selectable.

This card is pinout compatible with industry standard 5B01 signal conditioning racks (26-pin header) when configured for single-ended mode.

Two analog output channels are provided with selectable output ranges of 5 or 10 volts. The 12-bit converters are double buffered for smooth transitions from one value to another. Data format is two's complement.

One channel can optionally be equipped with a 4-20 ma current loop converter. An external 15 to 30 volt supply is required to power this option.

The analog output signals are available on a separate 10-pin header connector, or may be jumpered to channel 0 and 1 of the analog input connector.

Sixteen bi-directional, active low, open collector lines are provided. Each channel may be individually programmed to act as an input or an output, and will directly interface with industry standard optically isolated AC/DC I/O modules.

The 34-pin header digital I/O connector is pinout compatible with Opto 22-type, 8 or 16-position racks. Maskable interrupts are independently available from the analog and digital input sections. An interrupt can be generated at the end of an analog input conversion, or generated by one of 4 digital inputs changing state.

Each of the interrupts may be jumpered to any of the STD maskable interrupt lines. One interrupt may be connected to the STD 32 slot-specific interrupt bus pin. An on-board +5 to 15 volt converter supplies low noise voltages to the analog sections. No special STD Bus power supplies are needed.

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General Size Meets all STD and STD 32 Bus mechanical specifications
Bus Compatibility STD Z80: Full compliance, all bus speeds
STD 80: Full compliance, all bus speeds

STD 32: I/O slave, SA16, SA8-I, IX
Mechanical Mapping 16-byte block on any 16-byte boundary
Storage Temperature -40 to +85C
Free Air Operating Temperature -25 to +85C
Power Requirements 5V 5% @ 485 ma typ.
Analog Input 16 single ended or 8 differential channels
Analog Output 2
Output Range: 5V or 10V ranges, 1 optional current loop output
Digital I/O 16 lines
Addressing I/O, 8 or 16-bits plus IOEXP
Data represents information that is subject to change.