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CompactFlash Adapter

Adapter for Type I and II CompactFlash cards and drives.


  • Access CompactFlash cards like an IDE Drive via direct cable connection
  • Compatible with Type I and II CompactFlash™ standards

  • Mounting holes for rigid attachment

  • Push button module ejector

  • Power and drive activity LEDs

  • CompactFlash card may be selected as either master or slave drive

  • Works with any operating system having IDE support

  • Front panel mounting bracket


The VL-CFA-1 CompactFlash Adapter provides a low cost, rugged, and flexible means to add a socket for removable CompactFlash cards to an embedded computer. CompactFlash cards have a system interface that is electrically and functionally identical to that of normal (magnetic media) IDE hard disk drives, so they are fully supported by all operating systems and application programs.

The CompactFlash Adapter is compatible with both Type I and Type II CompactFlash modules. For more information about CompactFlash, see www.compactflash.org. VersaLogic has tested and approved CompactFlash modules from Silicon Systems..

The VL-CFA-1 is available with a 40-pin, 0.1-inch IDE connector for direct cabling to a 3.5” IDE interface.

Ordering Information

VL-CFA-1e… Adapter w/ 0.1” 40-pin IDE connector
CFM-xxxx… XXX MB CompactFlash module

Questions? / Product Selection / Technical Assistance
General Board Size 2.73” x 2.625” x 0.4” (including ejector)
Storage and Operating Temperature Depends on specific CompactFlash card requirements
Power Requirements +5V ±5%. Current draw depents on CompactFlash card requirements
Compatibility Type I and II CompactFlash cards.
Specifications are subject to change without notice